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After an evening of Dungeons & Dragons doesn’t go as planned, Alex and Matt find themselves with time to explore their mutual nerdy interests and expand the relationship that began in A Study in Charcoal. The two continue to find a balance between sexual and emotional intimacy, rubbing each other wrong and right by turns. Alex introduces Matt to the flamboyant, fem gender expression that he feels most comfortable with, and opens up about his past experiences and the dangers involved with being so visibly queer.


Illustrations, dialogue, and steamy scenes work together to uncover how past violence and having a stigmatized gender expression can affect relationship dynamics. This second story in the series also delves more deeply into how negotiating sexual intimacy can be a pathway to relearning self-love and a capacity to be genuinely vulnerable around others.

Saint Sebastian: An Erotic Fantasy (Queering Consent Zine)

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