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This beautiful, solid glass dildo is hand-made in Seattle WA by Standard Glass. With a delightful heft to it, each is unique – no two have the same colors and the shape varies slightly from toy to toy. The solidity of a glass toy feels fantastic in the hand or in the hole. It’s smooth surface glides more easily than silicone, meaning you can use less lube. The bumps and curves are designed to hit your G spot or P spot with ease. Each Standard Glass toy is unique. Annealed slowly and reinforced with borosilicate, this toy is extremely durable and strong. This smooth glass toy has a flawless, non-porous surface which is easy to sterilize (we recommend rubbing alcohol for sterilizing but it can also be washed with soap and water)


Each Standard Glass toy has unique colors - please contact us to discuss your color preferences and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Standard Glass S curve

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