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Event Code of Conduct

All guests at Aphrodisia events must abide by the code of conduct. This code is designed to create a safe, welcoming environment for all event attendees. 

  • No bigotry or hate will be tolerated. This includes homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, sexism or any other kind of discrimination based on identity. 

  • Be respectful. Allow space for others to speak, and understand that others may be sharing in a way that makes them feel vulnerable -  this is a gift, treat it as such.

  • Don't yuk someone else's yum - what someone else likes might not be your cup of tea, or vice versa, and that is ok. Don't make someone feel bad or ashamed because they express interest or desire in something you personally dislike.


Failure to abide by this code, or engaging in discrimination, harassment, unsafe or disrespectful behavior will result in immediate removal from the event and potentially being barred from attending future events.

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