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  • Is there something wrong with people who use sex toys or lube?
    Not at all! Using sex toys or personal lubricants is not an indicator that there is anything wrong with you, your partner or your sex life. Sex toys can add an element of play and exploration to our sex lives, which can increase our pleasure and help us learn more about ourselves and our partners. And there's no shame in needing a toy to help you orgasm or lube to help keep things wet if that's what it takes - our bodies are all built differently, and we all deserve pleasure.
  • Why do you describe your store as ‘shame free’?
    Our culture has a history of treating sex as taboo and shameful, and many people internalize this shame. Not being able to talk frankly and honestly about sex has a range of negative consequences: Harder for people to access the education and resources needed to have sex safely, leading to increased risk of STIs, unwanted pregnancies and injuries Makes people feel alone or like there is something wrong with them, even when their experiences and desires are actually pretty common or harmless People don’t know how to ask for what they want or communicate their sexual boundaries effectively, leading to worse sex and sometimes traumatic sex People may not explore to figure out what they like sexually, meaning they are missing out on a lot of pleasure Harder to challenge gender and sexual stereotypes, which can reinforce harmful existing gender dynamics At Aphrodisia, we believe that for most people, sex is an intrinsic and vital part of the human experience. We also know that everyone will learn about sex eventually, so we’d rather they learned correct, useful, non-stigmatizing information that empowers them to take control of their sexual health and wellness. Since we don’t believe that sex is any more shameful than eating or breathing, we talk about sex frankly, directly, and without euphemisms. Whatever questions our customers ask, we don’t shame them for their curiosity or desires.
  • I’m an artist/creator that wants to sell my product in your store - can I?
    Yes! We love working with creators, especially local ones. Please come in to chat or drop us a line at
  • Aren't sex shops kind of icky?
    Not Aphrodisia! Some stores can feel unwelcoming, especially ones that sell porn or other products that commodify or objectify certain types of bodies. If you've been in a sex shop that felt unwelcoming, unsafe or just plain creepy, you'll know what we mean. We want our customers to feel good when they visit our store, so we work hard to create a safe, welcoming and fun atmosphere for everyone - whether you're a sex toy newbie or an experienced pervert.
  • I want to host a workshop/talk/discussion group in your store!
    Awesome! Please get in touch at - we would love to work with you to put something together.
  • Is your packaging discreet?
    Yes - anything you buy or pick up in store is packaged in a plain box or bag with no information identifying our company.
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