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Crystal Delights has teamed up with recognized plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Pacik to create a set of dilators with a revolutionary design. With the help of Dr. Pacik, we carefully designed these dilators to be safer, more effective, and more comfortable than any others before them.


This set of 3 graduated glass dilators is specially designed to be worn comfortably for longer periods of time during treatment of various kinds of sexual issues or after gender-affirming surgery. Handcrafted in the USA from high quality extra heavy walled Borosilicate glass tubing, every set comes protectively packaged in a custom, handmade, three pocket, padded brocade pouch.



  • Small: Length: 3.5". Width: 1.0".
  • Medium: Length: 3.5". Width: 1.25".
  • Large: Length: 3.5". Width: 1.5".

Crystal Delights Dilator Set of 3

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