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This is a digital reproduction of Tiffany Nickel's Erotic Art Series. This fine art print will come on fine art photo paper, stamped, signed and dated by the artist in either 5x7, 8x10 or 11x14. These are limited edition prints 10 of each size only. (Frame in photograph not included)This dicksicle is the reproduction of a delicious penis. This piece is meant to be a fun way to celebrate the vulva and what you may like and not like during sex. It's meant to shed light on how all penis's look different. So what do popsicles and genitals have in common? Probably nothing in reality. But in the world of delicious imagination, I believe a lot. This series is the exploration of embracing your genitals as being totally yummy. A direct exploration of sexuality. A direct idea that you can remove shame and celebrate pleasure. In the loudest most animalistic ways. In the way you have been shamed for. In the way you have been told to be or do certain things with your sexuality. Taking the literal approach to eating pussy to celebrating it and owning the fuck out of it as fun and exciting. The added animal print adds mass amounts of personality, it directly speaks to the animalistic ways that sex and foreplay is a part of our pleasure.

Dicksickle 1 5” x 7” print – Tiffany Nickel

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