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Lippi is a beautifully crafted grinder, stroker and dildo base stimulation cushion. Lippi is a lusciously soft, and plump silicone toy designed to offer stimulation and cushion for the pushin’ when added to the base of your favorite strap-on dildo. Lippi is also a sexy stimulating stand-alone grinder and stroker.


Designed with plump protruding lips and a faux clit to grind against your bits while also offering a snug slit for those with bottom growth. The top has a cavity to hold a bullet vibe if you are seeking a buzzy grind. Or slide your finger in the cavity and use it as a manual stimulator on yourself or a partner.


The flat back has a slightly tacky texture to help stay connected to your dildo base when in a secure harness. Vibe in or vibe out? You Choose! Buzz on Or buzz off? We love it both ways! 


*bullet vibe not included.

Lippi by Banana Pants

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