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A force from above.

The POWER OF LOVE Battery Base is the heart of every LOVE NOT WAR pleasure product. Cased in recycled aluminium, it contains the USB- rechargeable battery and the controls for the head sections.

Our commitment to sustainability is real. That’s why we designed our entire range to be modular: by making the battery base separate from the heads, you only need one POWER OF LOVE to power the entire range.

That means more versatility, and a smaller footprint on the environment – and a lower cost to you.


  • Made from body & earth safe materials
  • Compatible with all Love Not War vibe heads- Only 1 rechargeable 'Power Of Love' battery is needed for multiple toys
  • Waterproof: Long baths, quick showers and naughty lake days approved
  • Repairable and recyclable: We’re built to last
  • Low power indicator: don't get caught with your pants down


PLEASE NOTE: This is not a complete toy - this battery base is compatible with all Love Not War heads. Buy the Power Of Love Battery Base and the Laska, Koi or Maya head together. Love Not War heads are interchangeable and you only need one Power Of Love battery base to connect to any and all of the heads.

Love Not War 'Power Of Love' Quiet Battery Base

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