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Designed with care for your comfort and confidence. This creation is a labor of love – New York Toy Collective worked with an acclaimed US-based pattern maker, sourced all local materials, and tested designs to give you the binder you deserve. With a discreet matte white finish modeled after classic undershirts, choose between a long or mid-length style for a secure and comfy bind. It even has a breathable, moisture-wicking lining to keep you dry.


Don’t know your size? No problem. First, wrap a soft tape measure under your armpits, above your breast tissue. Next, wrap it around the point where you experience the most breast tissue. The average of these measurements is your binder size.


Round up for a looser fit, or round down for a more snug fit.


● Extra Small: 32-33”
● Small: 34-35”
● Medium: 36-37”
● Large: 38-40”
● Extra Large: 41-43”
● Double Extra Large: 44-46”

NYTC Binder mid length

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