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Gem is the beginner butt plug you’ve been wishing for! Made of soft platinum cure silicone, this plug was designed with having a positive first anal experience in mind. The tapered tip allows for easy insertion, while the thin stem and flared base keep it securely in place. The Gem is great to leave in place to give a feeling of fullness while exploring other kinds of play, as well as a small tool to explore anal or vaginal penetration. Gem is best enjoyed with patience and lots of water based lube.


All toys by Portland Toy Company are made from 100% platinum cure silicone. They are hypoallergenic, and easy to clean using just soap and water. They are hand sculpted in clay, molded with silicone, and individually cast so no two are exactly alike. Your toy will vary slightly from the photograph, unique just like you!

Portland Toy Co Gem Butt Plug

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