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All good things come in threes. Named after the mother of all goddesses , Ana’s trilogy invites women to discover the goddess within. These beautiful , elegant, products allow women to get back in touch with their desires, while feeling comfortable and sexy.

Kit Includes:
Francoise Mask: This Venetian style masque is for women with class. The masque is stylish, sexy and graceful and perfect to be worn for special occasions.
Nipple jewels
Booty plug: This booty plug in medical-grade silicone is especially suitable for the beginner. With its small size it’s perfect to explore the body and undiscovered erogenous


Mask: 10.5"
Booty plug: Length: 3". Diameter: 1.11" 
Nipple jewels: 3"

Rianne S Ana's Trilogy Kit 2

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