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Translated from Latin (labiae) and a bit of pop culture (bae) the LaBae Platinum Silicone Grinder is a delightful little textured item meant for external stimulation. As a sensory squishy, stress squishy, or as a masturbation aid, this item is not meant for penetrative use. The LaBae is poured with highlights of Vivid Pink, Vivid Violet, or Vivid Indigo with opposing color backs. Please note, pictures are examples only as each LaBae is made by hand, one at a time.


Specifications: Length: 3 1/2" Width: 2 5/8" Height: 1.5" Density: Soft and Squishy 0050 Material: Platinum Silicone, Skin-Safe, No-Phthalates

Uberrime Labae grinder

Color: Pink/Blue
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