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"You're in the Wrong Bathroom!: And 20 Other Myths and Misconceptions About Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming People" unpacks twenty-one of the most common myths and misconceptions about trans and gender-nonconforming folks, like: Trans people are "Trapped in the Wrong Body;" you're not really trans if you haven't had The Surgery; trans people are a danger to others, especially children; or trans people are mentally ill and therapy can change them.


Examining the medical, social, psychological, and political aspects of being trans in the US today, this is a book for everyone. Whether you are a trans person struggling to stick up for yourself and get people to address you correctly, or you're a cis-person trying to figure out how to better support the trans person in your life, this guide has types for trans and ally alike!

You're in the Wrong Bathroom!: And 20 Other Myths

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