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Our Guide to Accessible Sex Tools & Toys

At Aphrodisia, we believe that every body deserves pleasure. This includes those with access needs.

Depictions of sex involving people with disabilities in popular culture and porn are unfortunately rare, so you might not even know that there are a multitude of products designed to make sex more accessible! So we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite accessibility tools and toys for you.

Liberator Tula Sex Toy Mount

The Liberator Tula Sex Toy Mount is a fantastic piece of sex furniture. The Tula is designed for straddling and putting yourself in comfortable positions during masturbation, oral sex and more! With two slots to hold your favorite dildos, wands or other vibrators, it allows for hands-free fun. In fact, the whole Liberator range is great for making all kinds of sex acts more accessible!

Great for:

  • Those who need hands-free play

  • Those with limited flexibility

The Incredible Sex Stool

The Incredible Sex Stool makes many sex positions more accessible by supporting you or your partner’s weight. It is flexible but strong, with a convenient gap in the middle for easy penetration by the partner on the bottom. It’s also discreet and can pass for a regular stool or chair, so you don’t even have to hide it away when you have company over.

Great for:

  • Those who have back or hip mobility issues

  • Those who need help supporting their weight

Fin by Dame

This small-but-mighty Fin vibrator is versatile and wearable - the ergonomic shape means Fin nestles between your fingers for easy gripping. The removable stretchy silicone strap wraps gently but firmly around your fingers, meaning you can completely relax your fingers while you use it!

Great for:

  • Those with arthritis in the hands or other grip issues

Sportsheets Sex Sling

The Sportsheets Sex Sling helps you hold those hard-to-maintain positions using leverage, and a comfortable plush neck rest. The adjustable leg straps allow you to find the perfect fit and reduces fatigue. It can also help enhance sexual sensation because the angle created enhances G-spot or P-spot stimulation!

Great for:

  • Those with lower back pain

  • Those who experience fatigue easily

  • Those with limited flexibility

Fun Factory Miss Bi

The Miss Bi is an adorable dual vibe from Fun Factory, and it's a great toy for those with grip issues - it is lightweight, and both the shaft and clitoral extension are very flexible meaning you can hold it in whatever position works best for you. It also has a loop handle for your fingers, so you can hold the toy without having to grip around the entire shaft.

Great for:

  • Those with arthritis in the hands or other grip issues

Mystim Tension Lover Digital Nerve Stimulator and Don Juan Probe

The Mystim Tension Lover Digital Nerve Stimulator is an electrical-stimulation, or e-stim toy, that produces small electrical impulses. These impulses provide tingling, stinging, buzzing, pulsing or pounding sensations. The Don Juan probe can be connected to the Tension Lover and inserted vaginally or anally for internal electrical sensation.

As well as being a popular form of fetish play, internal electrical stimulation from a toy like the Don Juan probe can sometimes provide sensation for those who have spinal cord injuries or other nerve issues, beyond what other sexual stimulation provides. Some people report feeling more sensation when they use e-stim internally, and some penis owners use e-stim externally to assist with erections.

Please note: E-stim devices are safe when used correctly but can be dangerous when misused - always follow the instructions and consult a doctor before use if you have a heart condition, pacemaker or other implant, or are pregnant.

Great for:

  • Some people with spinal cord injuries or other nerve issues

  • Those who want or need extra stimulation genitally or anally


Lovability’s Waterslyde is designed to make bath time more fun. Ever used a shower head for masturbation? Then you’ll probably love the Waterslyde! It attaches to the faucet to deliver a stream of water directly to your genitals as you lie back. This allows for hands-free sexual stimulation! Once it’s set up you can simply lie back, relax and enjoy the sensations.

Great for:

  • Those with general mobility issues

  • Those with arthritis in the hands or other grip issues

  • Those who have difficulty touching their own genitals


These toys and tools are just some of our favorites - there are many more products out there (and in our store) designed to make experiencing pleasure easier and more accessible. Feel free to drop in store where we will be happy to help you navigate all the options and find exactly what you need. Because you deserve it!

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